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Welcome to Our Service and Support Dog Training Hub!


At Dreaming Tree Labradors,  we believe that every individual deserves a companion who not only offers unconditional love but also provides invaluable support in their daily life. Our mission is to empower both people and their service and support dogs through comprehensive training programs designed to enhance the bond between them and to ensure they are equipped to handle a variety of situations with confidence. 

The best part of choosing Dreaming Tree Labradors is that we have spent years creating, in our opinion, the best Labrador line, focusing on trainability , human connection, and stellar health. Training starts from birth, we are hands on from day 1 and can guide you toward the best puppy for your individual needs.

We offer tailored training sessions that focus on obedience, task-specific skills, and behavioral support to meet your unique needs.

 Let us unlock the full potential of your canine companion and create a harmonious partnership that enhances your quality of life. Welcome to a journey where understanding and support come to life!

Trained Dogs Available

Mrs. Little Lily

The Dogs below all have been in our training program and have worked on their basic obedience, which includes, sit, down, place, leash walking, crate training, and socialization.  We work with these dogs to see if they have prospects as a service, emotional support, or hunting dog prospects.


Now this little girl is a rock star in the making!   Ms Little has begun her training and has been working hard learning, sit, down, come, and crate training.  She has a bright and loveable temperament, fits right in with the pack, and in general just wants to go on adventures with her people!

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