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Welcome to Dreaming Tree Labradors


Ellie English Labrador

Meet the Ladies

Jessie English Labrador


The complete package!  Caroline not only has all the physical attributes of a classic English Labrador but she has every personality trait you could every ask for.  She is so in tuned with her people always ready to be by your side through every adventure.

Jessie English Labrador

Eleanor " Ellie dog"

Ellie, as we call her, embodies the attribute of the great Eleanor Roosevelt, for whom she is named.  She is beautiful and elegant, with a strong personality, a born leader! she is our stead and balanced Pack Leader, she is loved and respected by the whole Pack!



Ahh Jessie the full sister to Ellie, now she is the jokester in the family!  She has a great desire to run and bounce around any field!  Her happiest moments are those shared with the family on adventure days, whether its a hike in the woods , a car ride, or a trip to the river for a swim.  Simple put she is happiest by our sides.

Raven English Labrador


Raven is my constant companion, goes to barn to do chores, car rides to run errands and waits for the kids afterschool. She is a well balanced dog who has the capabilities to runs around with the kids then come in the house and just relax and watch TV either at your feet, or her favorite...on the couch!

Apple English Labrador


This is the dog that just makes you laugh when you think of her! Apple is a beautiful English Lab with perfect ear set, strong broad chest, otter tail, and a constant "smile" on her face.

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